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Analyze your electricity usage – No guessing!

Calculating your electricity needs is the first and most critical step towards getting PV ready. A thorough examination of your electricity needs helps determine the following:

  • The size and cost of the system you will need. •
  • Fluctuations in your energy usage during the day and night and over weekends to manage peak demands. •
  • Energy saving measures you can implement to reduce your electricity use before installing PV so that you save on the costs of a bigger system simply by being more efficient.

By conducting a load analysis, Solar Perfection will record the wattage and average daily use of all the electrical devices that are plugged into your central power source such as refrigerators, lights, televisions, PCs, power tools, machinery and computer equipment. Some loads, like your refrigerator or electric fencing, use electricity all the time, while others, like power tools or large format printers, use electricity intermittently, known as selectable loads. And at large industries, Malls, and Manufacturing facilities Power Factor Analysis is also recommended. Some providers will ask you only for an electricity bill and attempt to provide a PV solution based on this, but the approach is fundamentally flawed and inaccurate since your bill cannot reveal day and night usage and most municipalities and Eskom use estimates when billing clients, selective loads or peak demands which need to be factored into your PV solution. A thorough load analysis is a must – anyone who tells you differently simply isn’t prepared to the important groundwork you need to be sure you get the right solution. In many instances, we often unearth long-standing electrical problems and faults at client premises that need rectifying simply by doing the energy audit. – Solar Perfection Have The Technology That’s why Solar Perfection will visit your premises, set-up loggers, Carbon Track or any other measuring or monitoring devices on your electricity distribution board or power supply for at least (7) seven to ten days and provide you with a comprehensive view of where your electricity usage is going, and what steps we can take to help you reduce it. We will also be able to provide a very reliable indication of what your savings will be depending on what size system and the solutions we specify for you, so there is no shooting in the dark. Ever.

NB: We are constantly sourcing latest storage and other solutions developed worldwide and ensuring that our clients are offered the best up-to-date solutions, add-on’s and adaptability can be done with minimum financial outlay